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Guidance of Model Change ― Pressure Switch

Old Product
EF70/140/200/210/400 Series
Arrow New Product
EF07/14/21/40 Series
Old Products EF70/140/200/210/400 Series Pressure Switch New Products EF07/14/21/40 Series Pressure Switch


The maximum detection difference pressure is reduced 20%! These replace the old series!
Since we wide range of variations covering from low pressure to high pressure range, it is possible to select according to your application.

Catalog of Pressure Switches(PDF / 1,026KB)PDF

Procedure for confirming corresponding new types to replace old types.

  1. Please read the name plate of the pressure switch you are using, and get the "SET PRESSURE".

    old pressure switch plate

  2. After confirmation of the plate, please confirm the pressure range symbol of "SET PRESSURE" from the following table.
  3. Please confirm the replacing model.
    Pressure Range Symbol Pressure Detection Range (MPa)
    Rising Pressure Falling Pressure
    07 2 to 7 1.5 to 5
    14 7 to 14 5 to 12
    21 14 to 21 12 to 19
    40 21 to 40 19 to 36

    New Type Format

    Old Type:EF-200(SET PRESSURE FALLING 12.7MPa) → New Style:EF21-12.7F-A1

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