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Environmental Initiatives

Solar Panels

As an effort to protect the environment such as global warming countermeasures, energy self-sufficiency improvement, CO2 reduction, we installed solar panels at the Kobe Plant and the roof of the Miki plant.
The amount of electricity generated by these panels is equivalent to about 30% of the electricity used at the Kobe Plant and the Miki Plant, contributing to environmental conservation.
In addition, by installing solar power monitors and power demand monitors at the Kobe Plant and Miki Plant to constantly visualize the power generation situation and electric power usage, each employee can feel close to energy conservation and environmental conservation leading to self-awareness toward energy conservation.

Kobe Plant

Sunlight Panels (Head Office)

Miki Factory

Sunlight Panels (Miki Factory)

Solar Photovoltaic Monitor

 Solar Photovoltaic Monitor

Specifications of Sunlight Panel

Kobe Plant Miki Factory
Module Specification TOSHIBA TA60M250WA/J
Number of Panels 200 Panels 741Panels
System Capacity 50kw 185.25kw
Beginning Date
for Service
March, 2013 March, 2014

LED Lights

LED lights are used in a factory and in office.
By using LED lights, the amount of used electricity in lighting is reduced to about 75% of conventional power consumption.

LED Lights