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1968 to 1986

During this time, by the development of an overload protector valve, a high clamp system, and a high lock system, we contributed to the shortening of the setup time,labor saving, and safety improvement of manufacturing sites, such as press machine and injection molding machine.

1968 March We dealt with air pressure, hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical control, etc. as SR Research Laboratory.
1972 October SR ENGINEERING CO., LTD. is founded with the capital of 3 million yen.
The Head Office was opened in Nada-ku, Kobe-shi and the business office opened in Tokyo.
1975 October Tsuneo Masumitsu was inaugurated as president.
1977 January The development of SR pumps which make hydraulic pressure generate as a driving source of compressed air.
Development of a V-type overlord protector valve (overload protection safety valve) for press machines.
August Development of pressure control valves for construction machinery, and booster equipment
September The capital was increased to 6 million yen.
1978 June Development of high clamp systems for metal stanping press machines, and of high lock systems supplying hydraulic pressure.
Series of SR air pressure drive hydraulic pumps were completed, and the mass-production was started.
1879 August Hydraulic passenger restraint system development for roller coasters
September The capital was increased to 12 million yen.
1980 January Dual-type large caliber electromagnetic valve development for press machines.
June Development of T slot insertion-type die lifters and high clamps for injection dieing machines.
1981 February The capital was increased to 24 million yen.
1982 June Development of self-travelling clamps for large or medium-sized press machines which move to die and clamp by pushing a switch and R-type overload valves
1983 September The capital was increased to 48 million yen.
1984 August Development of Piercing Systems
1986 May The Head Office and the factory were relocated and integrated into the Nishigami industrial complex in Nishi-ku, Kobe-shi, and the business was started.

1987 to 1999

In order to cope with environmental problems, air type clamps and lifters that do not pollute the product and work area by oil leakage was developed.
The certification of international standard ISO 9001 of a quality control system was acquired in order to be trusted by customers around the world.

1987 August Development of M-type Self Travelling Clamps
December WL Clamp Development for Injection Molding Machines
1988 June

RSY-type Self Travelling Clamp Development for Lower die clamping of Large-sized Press

October 90 Degrees Clamp Rod Rotation retraction Style RPY-type Non-touch Clamp Development
November Standardization of Horizontal Folding-style CBN-type Carrier Bars
1989 October New-type High Lock Unit Development
December Die Cushion Pins equalizing cylinder was developed
1990 May In the Kakogawa industrial complex, 550 working plant (machining plant) was constructed and the operation started.
October A business office was opened in Aichi Prefecture.
November Development of pneumatic mechanical lock clamps which Utilizes compressed air as power source Electric Injection Molding Machines
1991 March Development of FSM-type Self Travelling Mechanical Lock Clamps
October Development of CLM-type Self Travelling Mechanical Clamps
1993 April Development of DLY Clamps for Die Casting Machines and Automatic Die Change Apparatus for Press Machines
1995 February Development of USZ-type Self Travelling Clamps and ES- type Self Travelling Clamps
1997 April ISO 9001 Quality System Certification acquired
June U-type Clamp Development for Forging Press Machines
August Development of Automatic Cassette Metallic Die Change Apparatus for Swing Clamps and Press Machines with Mechanism of Metallic Die Detection
1998 May Development of Hydro-pneumatic Systems for Closed Forging Machines
October PBL-type Air-style Ball Lifter Development.
1999 June Manufacturing Efficiency System"Hi-Speed Maneger"Development

From 2000

Currently, we focused on shortening of setup time, and improvement in automation safety especially on the factory line of automobiles, electrical machinery, light electrical appliances, and housing-related industries.

2000 February Development of New Overload Valves for Press Machines and Air Control Pneumatic Clamps for Injection Molding Machines
July Development of pressure equalizing Cylinders for Eccentric Loads Die Cushion Pins
2001 May Redevelopment of CBC-type Carrier Bars
Development of CB-type Roller Bars
2002 October Developed faster USZ-type Self Travelling Clamps
2003 March Development of UAC-type Self Travelling Auto Couplers
2004 January Development of UEC-type Self Travelling Auto Connectors
May Development of Height-adjustment-type LZ and SZ Clamps
June Developed High Discharge volume and Low Operation noisr by New SR Pumps
July Miniaturization of HU-type High Lock Units
2005 January Development of Dust-free-type pressure equalizing for Cylinders Die Cushion Pins with higher life
July Development of Air-pressure-Driven Hydraulic Pumps and Water Pressure Clamp Systems
September Development of ELM-type Self Travelling Clamps
2006 June Development of HAC-type Auto Couplers
2007 October Development of New-style CBN-type Carrier Bars and New-style EF-type Pressure Switches
2008 January Development of electric and air automatic connection device (PAC Series) by Electricity for Major Car Manufacturers
October Development of LDC-type Die Cushion Systems
2009 January Development of Hydraulic Units for EFU-type Closed Forging Die Sets
May Miki Plant (Machining Plant) was relocated to Information Park City in Hyogo, and the operation started
Tokyo Business Office was relocated.
September Kobe Environmental Management System (KEMS) Certification acquired
December Masahiko Hashimoto was inaugurated as president.
2010 January Development of MCM-type Magnetic Clamps for Injection Molding Machines
April Japan SR Engineering Machinery Processing Co., Ltd. was opened in Shanghai, China.
2012 April Shanghai Joint Venture Company ( Shanghai SR Engineering Automation Technology Cc., Ltd.) was founded in China.